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Writing projects

By Marcus McGee
2022 Finalist Creative World Awards


When a group of scientists and engineers team up with the world’s elite to create a global monitoring system with covert aims to keep alternative energies forever at bay, their children are left to guide humanity back into the light once the Earth is plunged into solar darkness by their parent’s miscalculations. 

Tagline: It’s hard to get ahead when GOD watches your every step.

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"Congratulations on your pilot screenplay.  It's a great story that has us hooked." Barnstorm Fest—2022

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"The script does a good job of generating intrigue and interest in its world... Just enough info is given to not be confusing but still remaining largely mysterious."


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"You do a fantastic job of writing for the genre; in other words, the quick, pithy, and witty lines that pepper the pages are engaging and compelling while still continuing to move the story forward... I was fully immersed in your world, and I think this is largely a result of the great dialogue you employ in this pilot. I would look forward to reading and hearing more of your voice in future episodes."

BlueCat Screenplay Awards—2023

By Marcus McGee


What could happen when a man stranded without technology asks a stranger for help…if only he’d seen anyone else out there in the dark before finding this bus stop. The stranger seems harmless, even gives change to passing vagrants. But does that really mean he isn’t a thief or a bi-polar serial killer? “The Mantis Dialogue” explores chance encounters and the enlightenment they can bring.

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HERE KITTY-KITTY (1-hr Comedy Pilot)
By Marcus McGee and Dana Hammer


Desperate to get his life back on track, a recovering alcoholic does something even he considers crazy— follows the guidance of his talking cat. But when the cat turns out to be evil, Vince teams up with a sexy fire-investigator and a shy gay neighbor to prevent his scheming cat from taking over the world with her feral army.

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Marcus' other projects include children's books...

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